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Área Oftalmológica Avanzada. Dr Vergés

Tear osmolarity is a very reliable index to assess the damage caused by the medical therapy of glaucoma in the ocular surface.

Medical therapy is the first line treatment in open-angle glaucoma (80% of glaucoma). However, we know that its prolonged use causes multiple alterations in the ocular surface (OSD), especially when drugs with preservatives (1) and even more if it’s Benzalconium Chloride (BAK) (2).

Epidemiological studies show the relationship between antiglaucoma treatment and significant changes on the ocular surface (3-8), with the presence of symptoms in 60% of cases (5), percentage which increases in proportion to the number of drugs used and whose maximum is reached when it’s a three-drug treatment (8) and when it expands over time (9).

Cases with changes on the ocular surface ((OSD), are usually recognised by the tear hiperosmolarity (the most frequent and the most relevant sign), independent to the origin…

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